Loyverse + Xero integration

Automatically send a summary of your previous day’s sales from Loyverse into Xero with the official Loyverse + Xero integration

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Loyverse + Xero integration

Connect Loyverse + Xero

Customise your preferred sales summary view choosing from a wide array of formats and capture all payment transactions including gift cards, tips, tax, refunds, loyalties and more.

Connect Loyverse and Xero

The accounting integration creates a daily summary sales invoice in Xero that represents the previous day’s transactions in Loyverse.

Loyverse + Xero Sales summary
Summarised daily sales export

Automatically Sync daily sales and payments totals to an invoice each day.

Loyverse + Xero Automatic export
Automatically scheduled export

Choose when the data should be synced and all the sales records captured.

Loyverse + Xero Easy reconciliation
Easy reconciliation

Have the peace of mind that your sales and fees are accounted for with our lightning fast payouts reconciliation.

Loyverse + Xero Express Setup
2-Minute Express setup

Get started and start syncing your sales data in just 2-minutes with our CPA Certified express setup.

Loyverse + Xero Historical sync
Historical sync

Keep your books in check with our historical export by back syncing your data in just a few clicks.

Loyverse + Xero Tracking categories
Tracking categories

Leverage Xero’s tracking categories and get the best out of its beautiful reporting suite.

Designed and certified by CPAs

Our accouting integrations are designed by professional CPAs, tax advisors and certified Xero experts. We’re consistently rated 5-stars for a seamless experience!

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New sales are processed through Loyverse

Sales and payment data for each order are captured for the sync.

30 Jul
All your Loyverse sale transactions summarised

All your transactions are automatically grouped and prepared for sync.

30 Jul
The sync runs at the end of each trading day

You have full control over the scheduled sync time.

30 Jul
Your sales are summarised in Xero

Summarise into an invoice the whole view of your sales transactions data for easy reconciliation.

30 Jul


Loyverse + Xero integration is currently available globally.
You can use the integration entirely free of charge as part of our freemium pricing model. If you wish so, you can unlock advanced and premium features by upgrading to our paid plan.
It will take you less than 2 minutes to integrated Loyverse and Xero with our Express setup.
Of course! If you would like to request a walkthrough or discuss the capabilities of the integration in more detail, you may schedule a support session with one of our integration experts.

Yes, you can sync up to 30 days worth of data from your first sync date. If you upgraded to our Premium plan you will be able to sync older data up to 1 year.