Dash + QuickBooks Online integration

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This integration is 100% free of charge!

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Dash + QuickBooks integration
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Connect Dash + QuickBooks

Synchronise your sales transactions in minutes with our beautiful and seamless Dash + QuickBooks Online integration.
Dash + QuickBooks Online Multi locations support
Multiple locations support
Capture sales data coming from multiple Dash locations to a single or multiple QuickBooks Online account files.
Summarised daily sales sync
Summarised daily sales
Summarise into an invoice the whole view of your sales transactions data for easy reconciliation.
Dash + QuickBooks Online qbo historical sync
Historical sync
Back-date your sync for up to 30 days (or longer if required via support) and generate one sales summary invoice per day.
New sales are processed through Dash

Sales and payments data for each order is captured for the sync.

15 Jul
Each Dash sale is captured and ready to be synced

All your transactions are automatically fetched and prepared for sync.

15 Jul
Sales can be grouped for easy reconciliation

Dash transactions can be summarised in various of formats.
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15 Jul
The sync runs every day automatically

You have full control over the sync time.

15 Jul
Your sales summary is inserted in QuickBooks Online

Dash transaction data automatically feeds into QuickBooks Online.

15 Jul

Sync your sales data in various formats with the Dash + QuickBooks Online integration

Choose your preferred format and sync your data as daily sales summary, product categories or products breakdown.
dash quickbooks categories sync
Product categories

List the product categories breakdown in your daily sales summary.

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dash quickbooks sales sync
Sales summary

Sync daily summary sales totals into an invoice including, tips, fees taxes and more.

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dash quickbooks products breakdown
Products breakdown

Capture a breakdown of products sold during your daily sales transactions.

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FAQ on how to sync Dash and QuickBooks Online

We have an answer to every question you have!
The integration has been brought to you by Dash and it is 100% free of charge! 🙂
You can book a short 30 minutes session with one of our specialists that will show you the capabilities of our integrations and recommend the best solution to suit your requirements.
No, there are no resrictions to the amount of data that you can sync with our integrations. You can refer to the “Can you synchronise my old data?” question below, if you need hisorical sync.
Yes, we can back sync your data up to 30 days at no additional cost. We can also synchronise older data for a small additional fee.
You can request assistance through our Help Center, online chat or direct line aavailable in the footer. You can also browse our support section where you can find everything you need to use our integrations, including step-by-step guides, and FAQs.
We secure data transmission through a 256-bit SSL protocol. Your data is encrypted and stored under the rules of our privacy policy.