The hospitality industry goes through huge shift. How to stay on top?

Adaptation is the key to success in the hospitality industry!

We are living in interesting times nowadays. It’s a time of accelerated growth for many branches of the industry. We can easily observe that in any city’s skyline. Business parks, shopping malls, restaurants, they all emerge in the cities’ landscapes in no time. It’s the golden age for the hospitality industry. Integration parties, business appointments, team building events, these are organized outside the company’s walls. This means that restaurants, cafes, and other venues are busy for most of the time. And time is equal to money. To stay on top, you have to focus on managing your business and providing best customer service to keep your clients loyal. You want to know how to organize a business day to save both time and money. The key is to adapt to changes. We will show you how. We know that there is more to life than data entry.

Keep ahead of the competition

We utilize technology, as it has become a part of our lives. Adding a Point of Sales can save you time and money. But it’s not enough to keep your business running on a high level these days. More than that is needed to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. You need a powerful tool which will help you save time. You already know that keeping the track of your sales on a daily basis is important to achieve the success. You already know that receiving money on time keeps your employees pleased and prompt, and it needs to be done right without any mistakes. But checking and verifying information is time-consuming. It’s good to have all the data in one place.

It’s best to have that process automatized. Synchronize your Point of Sales with accounting system and have every information accessible by just one or few clicks. Take the advantage and integrate your systems through one platform.

Managing sales in the hospitality industry

A happy customer is the key to keep your sales on a high level. To ensure your clients stay pleased, you have to be professional and act fast. Point of Sales make you able to manage sales. But you can act even faster by integrating your Point of Sales with your accounting system. The age of taking orders on paper sheets is long gone now. Point of Sales took their place and are very useful in managing the sales. Thanks to POS your customers can get exactly what they want. But what if you could view all transactions at a glance? What if you could instantly check what your customers buy, when do they buy it, and – first and foremost – how much they spend for it? It’s simple. You just need to integrate your Point of Sales with your accounting system. Technology comes to the rescue and enables you to synchronize all the data in one place. Implement the POS and accounting integration and enjoy the benefits of having information just seconds away. Your business can run smoothly, when you know what is going on within the company. Have all the information gathered in one place and access it easily.

Accounting is the essential part of every business. Managing the business is a challenging task. Save your time and focus on the important aspects of your business. Integrate your Point of Sales with accounting system within one platform and grow your business. It’s easier than ever to achieve it with modern technology solutions.

Control your inventory and manage your purchase orders in hospitality

Managing a hospitality business is a challenge, but definitely worth the effort. To provide the best customer service, you need to be always prepared and have your inventory under control. You don’t have to check physically your resources anymore; the days of filling dozens of spreadsheets are long gone now. Information is power, and time is money. You can have them both by integrating each system from your Point of Sales into one place. Track your orders to keep an eye on the inventory and know what is selling best, so you can act quickly and save time. Whenever your stock is getting short on any product, you can replenish it in no time. You can manage your purchase orders basically instantly keep your inventory full.

The process gets simplified and optimized, so you can take this weight off your shoulders. This way you can always be prepared and provide your customers with anything they desire. Monitor your cash flow and inventory at the same time, without looking up for details in separate software. Keeping an eye on the stock and providing the customer service on a high level requires time and energy. Focus on work now and take care of growing your business, instead of wasting time and energy for searching the desired information.

Take care of the payroll in hospitality

Every business is just like a machine that has to function properly. Each element is important. This means employees and the payroll matter. You don’t need to double check who and when should be working. Back in the days you had to verify the time sheets, find the information about the days-off, ensure if everyone got paid on time. It’s not a problem anymore. Accounting integrations synchronize the data from every corner of your business and take this burden off. You can be sure that every staff member receives salary on time and stays pleased. The process is accurate and fully automatized, so you can spend your time on expanding the business, instead of taking care of the payroll.

The hospitality business is a very important branch of the industry. It’s connected with every other business field, as it answers the needs of the core of basically every other market — people. To stay on top and provide the best quality services, you have to focus on the work, yet you need to have everything under control — you need to keep track of sales, inventory, payroll, and purchase orders. POS and accounting systems integrations are the answer to that matter, they synchronize all of the data in one place and let you manage them in an easy and intuitive way. Now you can truly grow your business, because you have time for it. There is more to life than data entry.