Amaka releases FitBiz software, a fit bit for SMEs to track their business activity

Amaka has announced the release of its much-anticipated business tracker – FitBiz. “FitBiz’ is basically a fit bit for your business. Simply integrate your POS or eCommerce with FitBiz and receive AI-driven performance reporting directly to your inbox. It is so simple. No hardware, no need to customise, no need to be technical, it is perfect for business owners with little or no time to spare.” said Pedram Afshar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Amaka.

Amaka provides market-leading accounting integrations to thousands of merchants globally. It counts Vend, Square, and Revel (amongst others) as its exclusive customers and partners.

“As a global leader in accounting and business automation, Amaka is in the best position to extend SME owners’ control over their businesses. FitBiz takes 5 clicks to set up and it is a simple and elegant solution that allows business owners to keep the finger on the pulse of their operations” said Francesco Martella, COO at Amaka.

When you integrate FitBiz to your POS or eCommerce, it will analyse your data and it will send a daily/weekly overview of your businesses’ activity straight to your inbox. There is no need to fiddle with dashboards or to set up complex and clunky reports. Amaka has partnered with retail and hospitality leaders to prepare valuable templated snapshots of businesses’ activities and made them available through FitBiz.

AI-driven weather-related trends, the volume of transactions by the hour, time of day revenues breakdown, and sales comparison tracking are just some of the smarts that will be available through FitBiz. An array of achievements can be unlocked as part of the tracking suite, providing a method to adjust business KPIs in a fluid way.

With FitBiz, merchants are able to track their daily/weekly revenue against their 4 weekly average, for the same period. They are able to identify trending products, the impact of weather on sales, and the number of transactions processed hourly, allowing for smarter staffing.

FitBiz will set targets for business owners (on previous trading data) and award them with badges and rewards when they unlock new achievements, such as cracking total weekly revenue or selling the most of a key product for a particular period.

“Gamification is crucial for FitBiz. We want to engage with business owners and keep them interested in their data. Data-driven businesses are more resilient and perform better. We love SMEs and want to help them to thrive.” Added Pedram Afshar.

FitBiz will be available with Amaka’s free and premium plans.