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Small Business Financial Ops

Bookkeeping, Accounting services

There is a lot of hype, a lot of sales pitch. “This will run your business for you, all by itself, no more bookkeeping, you’ll love it… promise.”

But the truth is of course, that all these softwares, these systems, – they are tools! …and like every tool, if you’re not an expert at what you’re doing, then, using that tool is only going to get you half way.

If you’re lucky. …and probably won’t save you nearly the amount of time, money or sanity than it promised.

…and of course, we hope that you don’t find out the hard way that it didn’t ‘do it all’ for you correctly.

At SBFO we’re dedicated to the appropriate use of technology, customised to fit every business. We believe cloud based software has changed the face of financial and business operations… but that is’ over used, and often misunderstood. “just because it can integrate… doesn’t mean it should.”

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