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Pacific Accounting & Business Services (PABS)

Accounting services

We are a dynamic Blended Shore Outsourced Accounting Firm, driven by results and dedicated to serving diverse small businesses across various industries. Our mission revolves around catalyzing significant transformations at the nexus of people, processes, and technology. With a formidable 14-year track record, we excel in delivering top-tier Outsourced Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, End-To-End Accounting Services, and Outsourced Tax Preparation tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our unwavering commitment is to enhance operational efficiency and profitability within businesses. Our identity centers on precision, underpinned by a workforce of over 850 skilled accountants, ensuring accuracy in every transaction.

As a global leader, we guarantee unmatched quality across Accounting, Finance, and Bookkeeping. We offer a unique blend of onshore and offshore expertise, leveraging diverse perspectives and innovative technologies to craft bespoke solutions. Our suite of services empowers businesses to refine processes, drive excellence, and boost profitability. Our team stays at the forefront of industry trends, providing strategic financial guidance. We understand your unique needs, offering personalized insights for sustainable growth. Beyond numbers, we’re your strategic partners, guiding you through complex tax landscapes, streamlining financial workflows, and optimizing audits. In a rapidly changing world, we merge tradition with innovation to provide transformative financial experiences. We’re architects of change, catalysts of growth, and partners in prosperity, redefining what an Outsourced Accounting Firm can be.

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