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    Burks Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping services

    Burks Bookkeeping is a Texas-based, virtual business offering affordable professional services to aid business owners in becoming more profitable. We serve the ecommerce, construction, and health and wellness industries. The goal of Burks Bookkeeping is to help Texas businesses become more profitable by educating business owners on how they can use bookkeeping reports as living documents to make informed decisions. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

    The founder, Cantrell Burks, happily provides personalized bookkeeping, small business coaching and tax preparation for entrepreneurs. She considers herself to be more of an educator than a historian of data.

    Her day-to-day professionalism and commitment to excellence has won her the praise of former employers. In her free time, Cantrell maintains balance by building up the community, cooking and enjoying recreation. She looks forward to working with you in order to build new business relationships that will result in mutual benefits.

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