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Keep the finger on your business’ pulse with a suite of FitBiz reports straight to your inbox.

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The first business tracker for Vend

Keep track of your Vend business activity with a suite of quick insights straight to your inbox.

FitBiz Track your sales by weather
Sales by weather trends

Compare the performance of your business tracking in relation to weather conditions.

FitBiz Track your sales
Track your sales

Compare the performance of your business tracking against a previous period.

Volume of sales by the hourc
Volume of sales by the hour

Track when you are busy the most and allocate resources accordingly.

FitBiz Sales smart comparison
Sales smart comparison

AI-driven smart sales comparison across multiple time periods.

FitBiz Weekday performance
Weekday performance

Track the standalone performance of each day of the week.

Vend grouped payments sync
Weekday breakdown

Analyse your business performance across chunks of time during the day.

FitBiz Best selling products
Best selling products

Keep track of your best selling products during different time of each weekday.

FitBiz reports

“Finally! This is exactly what I needed to easily keep track of the performance of my business.”

Luca Boccacci
Owner, Inbocca foods

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FitBiz unlock achievements

Unlock new achievements

Keep track of your business’ performance with a suite of achievements to unlock.


FitBiz is the name of a new type of tranding reports designed and leveraged by industrty leaders to maximise revenues for their businesses. The FitBiz report is delivered by email and it includes unique insights into the performance and activities of your business.
A fully functional version of FitBiz reports is available entirely free of charge as part of our forever Free plan.
You just need to register an Amaka account, sign in to your Vend account and choose how often you wish to receive the FItBiz report (daily or Weekly). Done! No hardware and no extra accounts required.
Of course! If you would like to request a walkthrough or discuss the benefits of FitBiz reports in more detail, you may schedule a session with one of our FitBiz experts.

No, no hardware required.

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